Olivia Wilde to direct Spider-Woman movie

Actress / Director Olivia Wilde (House, Booksmart) will direct the Marvel / SONY film of the Spider-Woman character.

According to reports Olivia wilde struck a deal to direct an untitled Marvel film for Sony Pictures that is believed to focus on Spider-woman. The Tron: Legacy (2010) actress recently gained a lot of attention for her first feature film as a director, Booksmart (Super Nerds), and also has the psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling starring Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, and Shia LaBeouf on your to-do list.

This mysterious Marvel project is said to be a "top priority" for the studio, and Olivia Wilde was on the verge of not accepting. However, "the idea of ​​having the opportunity to launch her own superhero was too difficult to pass up."

Olivia Wilde will also write the script with Booksmart writing partner, Katie silberman. Plus Amy Pascal and Rachel O'Connor are on board as producers.

Who is Spider-Woman?

Several different characters have obtained the identity of Spider-Woman over the years, including Jessica Drew and Gwen StacyBut since this concept is being “completely revamped by Olivia Wilde,” it is very possible that we will see a new face under the mask.

The information coming from the film studio also confirms that the film Madame Webb by S.J. Clarkson is still in development along with Silver Sable and Black Cat. So SONY continues with their plans to expand the Spider-Man Universe without Peter Parker, as this character currently belongs to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hopefully they will confirm the release date for Olivia Wilde's Spider-Woman soon. Since it will undoubtedly be quite interesting and will show that more and more there will be stories starring superheroines in the cinema. A trend that is going up after the success of Wonder woman (2017).

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