Our mothers (2019), by César Díaz – Criticism

Our mothers It is one of the surprises of the Latin American cinema of last year's harvest. Hard portrait of historical memory and the right to bury the dead and denounce (and not forget) the vexations.

The film follows Ernesto, a forensic anthropologist who looks for bodies
in mass graves to identify people killed during the Civil War
Guatemalan A timely finding, due to an older woman's interest in
find her husband, serves Ernesto to have a clue about the real
His father's whereabouts.

Our mothers It is an independent cinema that appeals to historical memory and the need not to forget or decide forgiveness. In his favor he has to put the historical context as a character adjacent to the plot, the trial of the genocidal military that caused the war always plans in depth for relevance and social impact. The shouts, denunciations, testimonies and atrocities that occurred in Guatemala for more than 35 years, are revealed in the film, although, unfortunately, somewhat insufficiently to separate the story of cinematic value.

Our mothers It is a small and forceful film, but it fails to reach beyond its background, well-intentioned and vindictive.

Although the cases and stories coexist in peace with the plot
plot, the force of silence, forgiveness and word remain something
stigmatized by a script that could have been more accurate. We would have
enjoyed more development on the footprint left sacrificing less fixed plane

Our mothers It is a small and forceful film, but it fails to reach beyond its background, well-intentioned and vindictive. The format, too aseptic, brings a monotonous tone that results in a boring documentary and marked distances. In other examples this barrier has worked for me, but in which it occupies a little more shape it would have come from pearls to the bottom.

Synopsis Guatemala, 2013. The country is fascinated by the trial of military officers who started the civil war. The testimonies of the victims keep coming. Ernesto, a young anthropologist at the Forensic Foundation, identifies people who have disappeared. One day, through the story of an old woman, Ernesto believes he has found a clue that will allow him to find his father, a guerrilla who disappeared during the war.
country Guatemala
Address Cesar Diaz
Script Cesar Diaz
Photography Virginie Surdej
Distribution Armando Espitia, Emma Dib, Aurelia Caal, Julio Serrano Echeverría, Victor Moreira
Gender Drama
Duration 78 min.
Original title Our mothers
Premiere 02/21/2020

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