Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, reunites with Mako Mori to lead a new generation of Jaeger pilots, including rival Lambert and 15-year-old hacker Amara, against a new Kaiju threat.

There may come a day, after everything's said and done, that the term "forever" will be replaced with "Pacific Rim: Uprising," as it's taken almost that long for a sequel to finally start to rev up. The 2013 summer event picture wasn't a huge success upon entering the film market, but over time Pacific Rim did eventually find an audience, bringing home quite a sum during its box office run. So, of course, with a director like Guillermo del Toro interested in returning to a property that could theoretically make a killing in the second round, Pacific Rim: Uprising (formerly Pacific Rim: Maelstrom) became a going concern for the folks at Legendary Pictures, as well as the brass at their new production partner, Universal Pictures.

Yet, as promising as those initial days were, Pacific Rim: Uprising has suffered setbacks, stumbling blocks, and straight up cancellations in its roughly four years of existence. But to paraphrase the late, great Stacker Pentecost, the powers that be have cancelled the apocalypse, and the film is back on! Which means it's never too early to start compiling the facts and turning on the hype machine to full throttle, collecting everything we know, and think we know, about the next battle between man and beast.

Now, without further delay, here's what we know so far...