Paul W.S Anderson doesn't want to ruin Event Horizon with a sequel

Director Paul W.S. Anderson confirms he's not interested in working on Amazon and Paramount's adaptation of Event Horizon.

Sequels, reboots and remakes are the order of the day. And it is that sometimes it is easier to continue exploring known universes or to reinvent them again than to venture into new projects. Event Horizon It is one of the many titles that add to this type of treatment. Last year it was announced that Paramount I was working with Amazon to develop a series based on the movie Event Horizon. Now the director of the original film has flatly denied his involvement in this project.

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Starring Laurance Fishburne and Sam Neil, Event Horizon premiered on 1997. But the science fiction horror film was not the success that the production company expected. Victim of production complications and cuts in the original duration, it was not well received and the film only managed to recoup half the budget at the box office. But over the years, the idea of W.S. Anderson It has become a cult movie, with fans still looking for answers to the unknowns that were left.

And while the Amazon and Paramount series will have enough room to tie up all the loose ends, the director of the original film refuses to revisit the Event Horizon universe. Speaking with Comic Book, W.S. Anderson he claims not to be interested in the project and gives his reasons. “The truth is that I have no interest in returning to the world of Event Horizon. I am immensely proud of the movie we made. Especially because when we released the movie we felt like it wasn't given a fair chance. I don't think it was perceived critically and commercially as well as it could have been. "

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In addition, the director believes that revisiting Event Horizon could ruin your universe for fans of the film. “Little by little, over time (Event Horizon) I gain an avid following and I'm very proud of that. And for that reason I don't want to go back to the same universe and ruin it for someone. "

Anderson believes that the film wins thanks to the unknowns it raises. What was recognized in its premieres as flaws and ambiguities is what has reinforced Event Horizon over the years. Also the search for lost material. Before its premiere, several cuts were made to the original product. Now those deleted scenes can come thanks to the Scream Factory company that is looking for them to include them in a collector's edition.

For their part, Amazon and Paramount are moving forward with the adaptation of Event Horizon, whether or not they have the director's blessing. Adam Wingard will be in charge of directing this new project. In turn, the director is working on Godzilla vs. Kong. For his part, W.S. Anderson is not lacking in projects either, this December he will premiere the Monster Hunter video game adaptation. | Cinema, comics and series