Paul WS Anderson explains the keys to adapting videogames to film

Without a doubt, Paul WS Anderson has become a true expert in video game adaptations to the film format and now explains how it should be done.

Paul WS Anderson debuted in Hollywood with the adaptation of Mortal Kombat, a film that over the years has become a cult classic. He then directed 4 of the 6 films in the series resident Evil, which are a box office success. But he was also the producer of DOA: Dead or Alive of Cory Yen and is now taking care of the adaptation of Monster hunter.

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The director explains how a video game should be adapted to the cinema.

These are the words of Paul WS Anderson:

“I think you have to stay true to the structure of the game, what we have done, as I have shown. But I also think you have to be aware that you are walking a fine line, because in addition to making a movie for fans who know a lot about the source material, you are also making a movie for people who don't know anything about it. Mortal Kombat works for both audiences and I am always on top of that line. And that's why hardcore fans sometimes get offended that we change some things. But really, we are trying to do our best to tell a story that does not exclude anyone. I think that's what you don't want to do. You don't want people to say, “Oh, I don't play. Therefore, that film is not for me ”. You want people who play and don't play the game to say: That's great. "

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Are you looking forward to seeing Paul WS Anderson's Mosnter Hunter? The trailer that we leave you next is spectacular, although it certainly does not seem to follow the line of video games, even so it will surely be interesting for all types of audiences. | Cinema, comics and series

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