Percy Jackson: Author Rick Riordan criticized the movies

A few months ago it was confirmed that Percy Jackson will have his series on Disney +. Now the author of the saga, Rick Riordan, criticized the films that made it to the cinema.

And it seems, Rick Riordan not so fanatical about film adaptations of his novel. The author started in 2005 the saga of novels by Percy jackson with The Lightning Thief. Five years later, the first movie hit theaters, followed in 2013 by the adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters. The first tape did not gross too much, but was well received by fans, but the second film was a complete failure.

It is not the first time that Rick Riordan criticizes the movies of Percy jackson starring Logan Lerman. This time, before the alleged censorship of a scene from The Lightning Thief on Disney +, the author responded to a fan on Twitter saying that "it is clearly a mistake" and that "they should censor it entirely. Two hours of blank screen. "

Why so much hate? In a later tweet, he stated that he has not seen the films and "has no plans to do so": "I judge them reading the scripts because what matters most to me is the story" and based only on the scripts he described it as "the work of My life went through the grinder when I implored them not to. " Rick Riordan explained that he donated to the charity all the money he received from 20th Century Fox "when it became clear how things were going to go" and commented that we would be surprised "how little Hollywood pays the authors for their rights, especially if they are unknown, as I was. "

The author clarified that he has nothing against Logan Lerman or the other actors who participated in the Percy Jackson tapes (he cannot know how they did it if he has not seen the films) and commented: “It is not his fault. I am sorry that they were dragged into this disaster. ” But he assured fans that "they are going to fix it very soon."

There will be a second chance

This arrangement will result in a new adaptation of the Percy Jackson books, this time as a television series with actors on Disney +. This time Riordan will be involved in the project, with the aim of achieving a "faithful adaptation" of the five novels in the saga (which later led to another pentalogy, ‘The Heroes of Olympus’).

This project even has the blessing of Logan Lerman, than reacted to the news of the series with emotion: “Excited to see it! I hope it is the adaptation that the books deserve. Congratulations Rick Riordan. " The series does not currently have a premiere date on the platform or an announced cast. | Movies, comics and series

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