Peter Jackson and Weta Digital will make their own movies

Weta Digital, the famous visual effects studio co-founded by Peter Jackson, will produce its own original content for the first time in its history.

According to a press release, the company Weta Digital created by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh It will produce animated projects for film and television, including streaming services. Jackson and Walsh will play a "key role" in Weta Animated, writing, producing and directing content for the studio.

"We are huge fans of animated storytelling in all its forms, but it can be a long, lengthy, and often costly way to make movies," said Peter Jackson at launch. "That is, in part, the reason we have created this company: to change the model and open doors for filmmakers and storytellers who otherwise would not have a chance to show what they can do."

The launch also announced that Prem Akkaraju, who co-founded SR Labs with Sean Parker, was named CEO of Weta Animated. Parker is also Vice President of Weta Digital, having invested in the company last year.

"Weta Digital started with a machine and only one artist who created the digital effects in Heavenly Creatures (1994)" - added Fran Walsh. “None of us knew what we were doing, but even in those early days we were able to see alongside Peter Jackson the incredible potential of this new technology. Since then, special effects has become a big industry, but our goal remains the same: to bring stories to life through the power of imagination. If you can dream it, we can create it ”.

New Zealand is becoming one of the most important filming locations in the world. Partly thanks to their landscapes and they have invested in the special effects industry. In addition, now they will make the leap to animation and they will surely have the quality that Peter Jackson's productions usually give. Since you have to remember that you are responsible for The Lord of the rings, The Hobbit and King kong. | Movies, comics and series