Playing Iron Man was more complicated than it seemed

Actor Robert Downey Jr. explains his experience shooting the Iron Man movie (2008) and all the difficulties he had.

In a recent interview the actor Robert Downey Jr. reveals that he had a hard time dressing up as Hombre de Hierro in the original 2008 film. As it was asked if the moving parts of the helmet and the face plate of the armor were real mechanical devices or just visual effects. It seems that the way the films were shot changed throughout their passage through the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it started out looking very painful, as he was absolutely blind, from the bright LED lights on his face.

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“Initially it was, everything was really there,” explains Robert Downey Jr. “They wanted to spend as little as possible on replacing things with CGI. So I remember this helmet lit up… I put this helmet on and it snapped shut and I couldn't see anything. And then these LED lights came on, and it was like "The Manchu Candidate." I was absolutely blinded. "

Forced to change things to make filming more comfortable.

As we have seen in various Marvel film production photos and videos, Downey did not let that shooting experience repeat itself and has not worn the Iron Man helmet ever since.

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"By the time we were doing the last Avengers, they'd just say, 'Hey, Robert would you mind putting on the ...' Helmet? Not! Yes? No. Put a colon here (movements towards the eyes) and then you can paint it later ”.

That's why they talk about what Robert Downey Jr. He had a position of power in Marvel Studios and that if he didn't want to shoot with an Iron Man helmet that would blind him, there was no one who could convince or force him. But at least he left some of the brightest moments of the saga and it will take us a long time to forget his overwhelming charisma. | Cinema, comics and series