Producer of Alita: Battle Angel showed his wishes for a sequel

The sequel to Alita: Battle Angel is being highly requested by fans, but so far they have had no luck. Now, the producer of the film, showed his wishes to carry out a second installment.

A year ago, Robert Rodriguez, from the hand of the producers James Cameron and Jon Landau, premiered in theaters Alita: Battle Angel. Clearly the film was not very well received by critics, but it was adored by fans. In this way, viewers began to request a second installment which never came.

Despite the above, with the purchase of Disney from Fox, all of the latter's properties became the Mickey Mouse home and this made the second part of Alita: Battle Angel will be left out. Now, in the midst of the pandemic that has caused the world to freeze, Jon Landau demonstrated his wishes for a sequel to this film, and urged everyone to take care of themselves during this health crisis.

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Here’s to the The Alita Army and all of the fans of Alita: Battle Angel. Hope you are staying healthy and safe. #alitabattleangel #washyourhands #alitaarmy #rosasalazar

A post shared by Jon Landau (@jonplandau) on May 18, 2020 at 7:02 am PDT

Looking for a second installment

On his Instagram account, the producer of Alita: Battle Angel He published a photograph to campaign for the much desired sequel. In this image, the producer appears posing in front of some vegetation, wearing a shirt with a very timely message, since the upper part has an image of Alita printed, and the text that surrounds it says: “Wash your hands. I want a sequel. " In addition, the publication was accompanied by the following message: “Here it is for Alita's Army and all Alita fans: Battle Angel. I hope they stay healthy and safe. "

The film is the adaptation of the manga GUNNM, written by Yukito Kishiro. The story centers on Alita, a cyborg who is rescued from the dump by a scientist who decides to rebuild and care for her. However, the young woman is not a conventional machine, but a powerful warrior with incredible abilities that will draw the attention of some with terrible intentions. Several months ago, it was said that only fans will be able to save the sequel to this tape. | Movies, comics and series