Quote from The Avengers (2012) could reveal the villain of Black Widow

The conversation between Loki and Black Widow in the movie The Avengers could mention Taskmaster's true identity.

We know that a Marvel studios He loves to put phrases in his films that go unnoticed at the time, but then become very important in other installments. So we could be in that situation with a conversation in The Avengers (2012) and the film by Black widow (2021).

You have to review that conversation first. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is locked in the SHIELD Helicarrier, when Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) he gets close to him. After a short chat, she tells him that she has her account in red and that she wants to pay it off. But Loki He knows that there is a lot of red in his account and he reminds him of various situations in which things went very wrong, such as São Paulo, the hospital fire, and he also mentions Dreykov's daughter.

Curiously, Dreykov interpreted by Ray winstone will be the great villain of the solo movie of Black widow. Therefore, her past will return to try to end her. But things can go further.

Who is Taskmaster?

For now, the identity of TaskmasterWe only know that he is a very skilled fighter who copies the techniques of his opponents. In the trailers of Black widow we have seen how he shoots arrows in the style Hawk Eye, gives blows that he would sign himself Captain America and also imitates the movements of Natasha romanoff. But we do not know who is hiding under the mask.

By now, almost everyone thinks he is the character of Rick mason who is played by the actor O-T Fagbenle. Although there is another theory. As Taskmaster could actually be Dreykov's daughter. Since at some point in your past, you may Black widow attack her and leave her for dead, but if not, later she could have achieved all those abilities and now she has become an unstoppable villain. It could even be the actress Simona zivkovska who gives life.

We will discover the truth when it is released Black widow on July 9, 2021 in theaters and Disney Plus (Premium access).

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