Ray Fisher could be sued for his criticism of Joss Whedon

Following Ray Fisher's not very friendly comments about Joss Whedon, director of The Justice League, the actor could be sued.

The Ray Fisher theme alleging Joss Whedon's abusive and violent behavior during the Justice League recordings could end in a bad way. If the actor continues to talk about this on Twitter, it is rumored that he could be sued for breaking the confidentiality agreement. A news that surprised many fans and wondering what will happen.

Just a week ago it was reported that Ray Fisher, during a question and answer session with his fans, made it clear that he could not speak more of the account about what had happened on the film set with director Joss Whedon . That was when it became known that the actor was under a confidentiality contract and he did not want to give more details since that could mean ending his career: “I am still under contract and I am still under the Confidentiality Agreement, so I must have a lot Be careful what I say and how I say it, otherwise I can be sued to oblivion. ”

New complications

The accusations that Ray Fisher launched through social networks, could be enough for the confidentiality agreement to be valid and the actor ends up being sued. This is how the journalist Daniel Ritchman explained it through his social networks: "Fisher cannot speak anymore because he broke the confidentiality agreement and could be sued if he says something else, but it is still good that he speaks."

The reading made by some American media is that the study could be quite angry with the decision of the actor of the League of Justice of bringing to light details that they had been responsible for burying when using social networks, which could create a very complicated environment when he takes the character of Cyborg again in the framework of the film The Flash with Ezra Miller.

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