Reason Iron Man created the suit / armor for Spider-Man

During Avengers: Infinity War we could see how Spider-Man wore a new suit made by Iron Man and now we know more details about his origin.

In the book The Wakanda Files: A Technological Exploration of the Avengers and Beyond, very interesting information is collected about the technology used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As we already know Hombre de Hierro met Spider-man in Captain America: Civil War (2016) and since then he has served as a mentor and helped him become a better hero, this includes giving him part of his technology.

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In The Wakanda Files, the personal record of Hombre de Hierro indicates you started developing the suit Iron spider after his research on nanoparticles. The fight in Berlin impressed Tony Stark enough to substantially improve the arsenal of Spider-man. He also slyly noticed the arachnid sense of Peter parker, but thought some other improvements. The net launchers are reinforced and there is a complete life support system on board along with artificial intelligence that helps at all times. That is, a complete and total improvement after Spider-man proved his worth in the Civil war.

This is how those who designed it talk about the suit:

Julian Foddy from Industrial Light and Magic worked on Spider-Man: Far From Home (2017) and discussed the look of that suit created by Iron Man:

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“We really wanted to add an extra level of detail that includes both the model and the textures. That carbon fiber type of specular response, it was something that was actually in the textures we ingested, but we tweaked the tone to make it more likely that we would get more of that, ”Foddy explained. "It was something to which Marvel responded very well: 'We changed the development of the appearance so that the suit feels like it was even more battered and scratched than what you first saw in Infinity War.' Just to suggest that Spider-man has had this suit for a while and has been through a few battles and suffered some damage along the way. "

“We brought some of our own ideas to Iron Man nanotechnology, on how to turn the mask on and off. Because again, in Infinity War, that was a very fast event, that happened in a couple of seconds, "he continued. “In some of our shots, it takes 15-16 frames. So, we redesigned things a bit. I looked at electronic circuit board references and we adopted some of them. Kind of like this wet solder would slide along with the circuitry on a computer motherboard. "

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