Reason James Mangold is the perfect director for Indiana Jones 5

Veteran producer Frank Marshall explains why director James Mangold is a perfect replacement for Steven Spielberg for Indiana Jones 5.

At present Indiana Jones 5 is slated to be released by Disney in 2022 the film originally had Steven spielberg coming back to lead. But the director decided to leave the project and they hired James Mangold (Logan) to take over management tasks. It will be the first time that someone other than Spielberg is in charge of a film in this saga. The producer Frank Marshall He explained why Mangold was the ideal choice to replace him:

“His love for the franchise. He is a wonderful filmmaker. I think he also has a great relationship with Harrison Ford. They were all the right pieces that came together, at the right time. Also Steven stays as a producer, so we have the best of everything. ”

Frank Marshall also settles doubts about the Indiana Jones 5 script. He put it simply: "It just started."

Coronavirus is affecting production.

“The number one thing, obviously, is the safety of everyone involved in Indiana Jones 5: The cast, the crew, and all of us. So, we are looking at the guidelines that are coming slowly, from health experts and studies and different parts of the business, and we are just trying to incorporate everything, so that we can move forward and be safe. It's obviously going to slow things down, so we're trying to adjust. You won't see many big crowd scenes, for example, for a while. There will be no more craft services, so maybe that's good for people, to keep fit. It is a moving target at the moment. There are many people working on the solutions, to be able to work and be safe. ”

Let's hope they get to work on Indiana Jones 5 soon and director James Mangold offers us a perfect closing for this beloved film saga. | Movies, comics and series