Reason Sean Connery turned down the Mortal Kombat movie

Curious anecdote of Sean Connery, who was offered to appear an important role in the 1995 film that adapted the video game Mortal Kombat.

Today, August 18, 2020, is the 25th anniversary of the film's theatrical release Mortal Kombat, based on the popular fighting video game. Although it has aged quite poorly, at the time it went on to gross 122 million dollars at the box office worldwide and had good reviews from fans of the game. Now we know more details about why the actor did not appear Sean Connery in her.

The film follows a group of martial arts experts like the former Shaolin monk Liu Kang, the actor Johnny cage and the special operations officer Sonya blade. Together they are guided by Raiden, the God of Lightning and Protector of the Earth Kingdom, on his journey to combat the evil sorcerer Shang tsung in the tournament called Mortal Kombat. Your great goal is to save the world from evil.

Even with the latest installments starring different actors, most people think of Christopher Lambert When you think of Raiden It is the original version and, for some, the only one. However, Lambert wasn't even the studio's first choice for the role. In the early stages of the film's development, they were releasing names like Danny glover to take on the role, only to later develop a greater interest in Sean Connery.

This casting choice was likely intended to appeal to a wider audience, as Sean Connery was an established star long before Mortal Kombat went into development, being best known for playing 007 in five James Bond films, Indiana Jones. and the last crusade or The Immortals.

Reason why you did not accept the role.

In an interview to celebrate Mortal Kombat's anniversary, associate producer Lauri Apelian claimed that the reason Sean Connery didn't take on the role was that he wanted more time to play golf. “We tried to cast Sean Connery for the role of Raiden. But we understood in that moment that he really wanted to play golf. I wasn't interested at the time in playing a physical role, ”he explained.

The funny thing is that if we review the movie, the role of Raiden was not very physical, leaving the subject of action for the characters of Liu Kang, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. So it was probably an excuse, because he had a very tight schedule. Since Sean Connery at that time participated in films such as Rising Sun, A Good Man in Africa, Just Cause and The First Knight. | Cinema, comics and series