Reason they haven't made more Twilight movies

Reason they haven't made more Twilight movies

The Twilight saga was a literary and film success, but although there are plans to revive the saga, no project has come true.

The franchise of Twilight It is made up of 5 films that grossed more than 3.357 million dollars worldwide and led to stardom to Kristen Stewart Y Robert Pattinson. That is why it is normal to think that they will continue to stretch the saga and continue with the plans for sequels, spin-off, reboots or series.

So… why haven't they made more Twilight movies? There have been some rumors for a long time about a new movie with Robert Pattinson Y Kristen Stewart What Edward Cullen Y Beautiful swan that the story would continue. But there is a big problem and it is that the two actors do not get along at all. In fact, they don't even speak to each other, so putting them back together right now on a shoot doesn't seem like one of the best ideas.

Kristen Stewart praised Robert Pattinson when he was cast as Batman.

The actress wrote a great comment on social networks about the desire she had to see her ex-partner as him Dark Knight. But obviously that is very different from working together again in Twilight, as they would again be under the media spotlight in an exaggerated way as it has already happened in the past.

If you want to continue with the idea of ​​making a new movie of Twilight, perhaps the easiest way to restart the supernatural saga would be to simply remake it. Following the novel Midnight Sun from Stephanie meyer, which is the same story but told from the perspective of Edward Cullen rather than Bella Swan. However, it appears that the producers believe that Kristen Stewart Y Robert Pattinson they were one of the main reasons for the original success. So seeing the same story with other actors would surely be something quite rare that the fans might not like.

They always have the option of making a new story with other characters in the Twilight universe, where Kristen Stewart Y Robert Pattinson have a cameo and they don't even have to work together.

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