Reason why a director of a Superman movie was fired

Reason why Superman is not in the movie Suicide Squad

Reason why Superman is not in the movie Suicide Squad

A well-known director reveals why he couldn't direct a Superman movie, and his motives are quite surprising.

Many current directors grew up on the movie of Superman 1978 directed by Richard Donner and starring Christopher reeve and therefore it is a dream for them to be able to adapt some of their adventures to the big screen. Bryan singer and the actor Brandon routh had their chance in 2006 and Zack snyder I present Henry cavill in 2013 and then have been repeated in different installments of Dc comics. Currently they intend to restart it and for that reason J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates They work to show us a version starring Michael B. Jordan.

Now we know that Bryan Singer almost did not direct his film, having to replace another director at the last minute.

Director McG (Joseph McGinty Nichol) is responsible for Charlie's Angels (2000), This is war (2012), 3 days to kill (2014) and The Babysitter (2017). Now he has commented on a surprising anecdote that caused him to be fired before he could shoot a movie of Superman.

“So I'm going to do the Superman movie and I'm getting ready to go, and Warner Bros says, We're going to Australia, we're going to Australia. I literally remember telling the WB bosses at the time: I can't go to Australia. I'm afraid of flying, I can't do it. And they didn't even take it into account. They're like: You're McG, you'll be fine. You are the cheerful and boisterous boy. You're bouncing off the walls You'll be fine. Anyway, the plane is on the runway, Warner's private jet intended to take me to Australia, and I can't get on. I get fired from Superman, with good reason. They have to make the movie in Australia. They put Bryan Singer in the movie. "

It is curious that a director was fired for being afraid of flying when he had to make a film about a character whose greatest characteristics is precisely that he can fly.

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