Reason why Keanu Reeves didn't look like the Constantine from the comics

Constantine's director explains why Keanu Reeves didn't have a British accent or blonde hair like the character in the comics.

It's hard to imagine that choosing Keanu Reeves for a character to be criticized. But in 2005, when it was released Constantine, fans of comic books DC / Vertigo They were dissatisfied with three aspects of the character in the film. The first was that he was not going to be British, the second was that he would not wear the brown coat characteristic of the comics and the third was that he was not blonde.

However, people seemed to get over it quickly. Despite mixed critical reception, Constantine He made more than $ 230 million on a budget of $ 100 million. It is not a spectacular result, but respectable considering that it had a R classification, the situation of comic book movies at that time and which was released in February, a rather weak month. Obviously, the film became a cult classic in later years and Keanu Reeves, director Francis Lawrence and producer Akiva Goldsman They gathered for a panel at Comic-Con @ Home last weekend to reflect on it.

When talking about the appearance of the character, Francis Lawrence recalls they did not even discuss whether Keanu Reeves should look like the comics, saying:

"We never talked about it," he said. “I also remember that the other great change for the Constantine characters was the coat. And we tried the Constantine coat and we finished with the black… We wanted to do the right thing for what we were doing. ”

They will make a sequel.

Although the film was released in 2005 and there has never been a sequel, lately there is talk of this possibility. But it seems that if there is a new delivery of Constantine it will be a reboot. So Keanu Reeves is unlikely to return as the demon hunter. But it is clear that we will soon see the DC Comics characters from the Dark justice league at the cinema.

Hopefully this time they pick an actor who looks more like the Constantine from the comics, though the Keanu Reeves portrayal still has a legion of fans he conquered. | Movies, comics and series