Reason why they crash a real plane on Tenet instead of using CGI

Today special effects have come so far that movie studios often use them a lot for their movies, but Christopher Nolan on Tenet wanted to crash a real plane.

Director Christopher Nolan is one of the few people in Hollywood that he can have a budget of 200 million dollars to do what he wants. It doesn't matter if the script Tenet It is a real gibberish or if you want to crash a real plane, because in the end your cinema is commercial and profitable. Also they tend to like visual tricks more than special effects, which gives a certain realism to their films.

So it's not so surprising that a real 747 plane crashed in his next movie Tenet. So it's interesting to know why he didn't use CGI in that particular scene and he explains it in an interview.

"I was planning to do it using thumbnails and set-set constructs and a combination of visual effects and everything in between," Nolan said. "We started running the numbers ... It became clear that it would actually be more efficient to buy a real life-size aircraft and do this actual sequence on camera, rather than build thumbnails or follow the CG route."

Obviously it would be a plane for scrapping, because Boing 747 new is worth around 387 million dollars. So that if that is not profitable. But really the important thing is that when we see Tenet that scene in question is very shocking.

Actor Robert Pattinson also spoke about that scene.

"You wouldn't have thought there was a reality where you would be making a scene where they only have a real 747 to explode! It's so daring to the point of being ridiculous, ”said star Robert Pattinson. "I remember that while we were filming Tenet, I was thinking, How many more times is this going to happen in a movie?"

Tenet will premiere on July 17, 2020, if in the end they keep the date and do not decide to delay their arrival in cinemas. | Movies, comics and series