Rebecca Ferguson practices as a sniper for Mission Impossible 7

Actress Rebecca Ferguson shares her training as a sniper for Mission Impossible 7 on social media.

The film studio Paramount pictures was forced to stop work on Mission Impossible 7 due to the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19), but Rebecca Ferguson is training for his comeback as Ilsa Faust… With a huge sniper rifle.

Shooting will surely resume soon, since Tom Cruise He wants to continue as soon as possible and then do his new projects. Where is included shooting the first cinema movie in space. While they wait for everything to return to normal, Rebecca Ferguson is working with Bare Arms, a UK-based company that provides military advisers and firearms training for a variety of movies and television shows.

The pandemic also affected the film in other ways, as scheduling conflicts caused it to Nicholas Hoult will retire as the villain. Which led to him being replaced by Esai Morales who has played Deathstroke in the Titans series.

Here we leave you the image where we can see Rebecca Ferguson practicing as a sniper for Mission Impossible 7.

Rebecca Ferguson practices as a sniper for Mission Impossible 7

The film promises that it will surpass previous scenes in action scenes.

If the Mission Impossible saga stands out for something, it is because it has risky scenes that itself Tom Cruise has filamdo. But according to the director Christopher McQuarrie, the seventh and eighth installments that are being shot at the same time, will have images that have never been seen and that will leave far behind everything offered in previous installments. When they start showing the trailers we can find out if this is true.

In the cast apart from Tom Cruise and Rebecca Fergusonalso stand out Vanessa Kirby, Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff, Simon Pegg, Shea Whigham, Henry Czerny and Gregory Sanon. The estimated date for Mission Impossible 7 is November 19, 2021. But it may vary if it takes longer than expected to shoot the missing scenes. | Movies, comics and series