Remembering Batman Begins (2005)

Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins reformulated in 2005 the myth of Bruce Wayne on the big screen and redefined the character of Batman in the most accurate way possible, offering us a Dark Knight cemented by fear and doubts of a child who grew up only because of the disease that will always poison the streets of Gotham city.

When the superman of Action comics became a bestselling success and a pop icon for mass popular culture, Detective Comics He had to get down to work to give the publisher a new narrative, creative and market impulse to the collective imagination. In this way it arrived Batman, by the hand of Bob kane (concept) and Bill finger (unaccredited developer). With the passage of time, the character settled in the Ninth Art and it took about 20 years to be adapted to television with the renowned series from the 1960s. Adam West (‘Robinson Crusoe on Mars’) was the first to be characterized as Bruce Wayne's alter egobut later it would come Tim Burton (‘Eduardo Manostijeras’) with his personal universe to uncover the bandage to the world with Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). The character was already a mass icon and had become a real success for the public. But what nobody imagined is that the worst stage of the Bat Man was yet to come

Batman returns

If the '90s were bad for creative comic book production, Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997) did not end up being the necessary healing balm for a character like Dark Knight. The tragedies he filmed Joel Schumacher (‘A Day of Fury’) The character was about to be charged on the big screen, but Batman still had a bullet left in the chamber. Although we do not anticipate events. Let's go back a few years and travel to the kiosks where the children of our country dreamed of becoming Spiderman and the rest of the Avengers character. Marvel comics it was much easier to reach these non-specialized stores thanks to the adaptations of Vertex or Bruguera, but the DC Comics stamp was much harder to get. Loose Batman and Superman cartoons reached the small Spanish public who longed for more narrations of these characters. No one was very clear until the 1980s why Bruce Wayne had such high fighting skills as he does, but it would be the reformulation of the myth of the Bat Man that Frank Miller carried out ("Daredevil: Born Again") the final blow for Batman to become what we all know now.

Flashback finished. Let's go back to the late '90s and the beginning of the new millennium, with the' Batman & Robin 'hangover still flirting over the traumatized child audience and even more catatonic adult audience who had grown up at the same time as Bruce Wayne. The blow seemed definitive and the end of that tetralogy of aesthetics close to parody could mean both the end of the character on the big screen and loss of Warner Bros. rights The film studio ran the risk of Batman and his entire universe changing sides and launched a new project, this time more serious than the previous ones. This is when the name Christopher Nolan (‘Interstellar’) comes on the scene.

The arrival of the man who had the obligation to redefine the myth of Bruce Wayne: Christopher Nolan and the Dark Knight, a combination of success from minute zero.

Back then, emerging Christopher Nolan had taken his first steps with the short film titled ‘Doddlebug‘(1997) and the feature film‘Following‘(1998). With the arrival of the year 2000 that cinematographic experiment appeared that was ‘Memento‘(2000) and what would you give the filmmaker enough prestige and recognition for Warner Bros. to notice him as a possible candidate for the resurrection of Batman on the big screen. ‘Insomnia‘(2002) would only be a foretaste of what would come next and the reaffirmation that it was Nolan and no one else who should become the captain of the new Batman in film.

With the ship's commander in command of the ship, the interpreter was missing who would put on - once again - the Dark Knight uniform. After the acceptable version of Michael Keaton (‘Birdman’), the misfit presence of Val Kilmer (‘Willow’) and the regrettable interpretation of the George Clooney (‘O’Brother’)Warner Bros. had a huge challenge ahead that it would solve with the confirmation of Christian Bale (‘The Great American Scam’). This would be the beginning of a relationship that still persists in the present and that brought both film artists to heavenly spheres of the audiovisual panorama. The ingredients were on the table and Christopher Nolan just had to mix them as precisely as possible to give the character the prestige Batman deserved..

Batman Begins (Batman Day 3)

That way it arose ‘Batman Begins‘, A very difficult challenge for both Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment as for the director himself. Both companies intended to erase the almost indelible mark left by the last two Bat Man films, while Nolan wanted continue exploring his own audiovisual and cinematographic language with a character that had more nuances than they had once given him. With an astonishing resolution, the director of ‘Origin‘(2010) decided put Batman at the height of reality and focused on giving that new superhero universe a total planning based on real possibilities both in the frames and in the objects used. Modern Dark Knight mythology had arrived and llegadoBatman Begins‘It was only the beginning.

The construction of the myth of Bruce Wayne: Batman like we've never seen it before, dark, dangerous and terribly real.

After defining what I wanted to do with ‘Batman Begins‘And having all the cast and sufficient means to launch the project, Nolan went into production. But in a movie like ‘Batman Begins‘It is preferable to dive in the script because building a character from scratch is as difficult or more difficult than translating to the big screen. Keep in mind that ‘Batman Begins‘It was a cinematic reboot, before reboots and remakes were the order of the day. For that reason, Nolan encountered not only filming obstacles but also obvious creative obstacles. How to ensure that a character as complicated as Bruce Wayne has a strong and solid foundation, basic at least to lay a new cinematic universe? Every part, every branch and every detail had to be polished - no matter how small - in order to draw Batman with the brush of darkness and realism that Christopher Nolan was so obsessed with.

In this way he caught Ra’s al Ghul to show the world the physical and mental training that Bruce Wayne voluntarily undergoes for the purpose of becoming a legend, surrendered to the utopian ideal of justice and understanding the anger, rage and impotence that inhabit within them to make them their own. Understanding these weaknesses, these flaws, is Batman's strength. But above all, it should be emphasized the concept of fear as the foundation of the Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. And is that ‘Batman Begins‘Speaks almost exclusively of fear. Batman's own justification as a symbol, as a physical weapon against the forces of evil, is follow the idea of ​​fear and transfer it to your enemies. "Now my enemies will share my fear." Fear as a force of will when acting. Fear as an entity for controlling anger. Fear as a synonym for Batman.

Batman Begins (Batman Day 1)

In addition to Ra’s al Ghul, the League of shadows and the permanent presence of the mafia in Gotham city, yes ‘Batman Begins‘Is a film that talks about the concept of fear we could not not wait for the figure of Dr. Crane (Cillian Murphy). Scarecrow it is the pure personification of fear, which gives rise to the filmmaker and serves as a bridge to Nolan to continue Exploring that psychoanalytic underworld of Bruce Wayne, the psychological universe of a hero or anti-hero just as much or more selfish, dangerous and traumatic than the villains he hits with his bare hands every night.

Batman Begins‘Meant the end of a disastrous period of film adaptations of the Bat Man, but he also managed to lay the foundations for a new saga on the big screen and became the seed of the Dark Knight trilogy.

Once finished ‘Batman Begins‘, The resulting question was no other:" What next? ". Doubts about whether or not Christopher Nolan was going to continue with the nascent Dark Knight franchise was up in the air, but the passage of time cleared all the unknowns when it was confirmed that the director was going to repeat to take to the movies ‘The dark knight‘(2008). The continuation of ‘Batman Begins‘Raised expectations and passions in equal parts, more if possible the most purist readers of comics with that end of" the escalation "that brought us the letter from The Joker and the more than likely appearance of the clown prince of crime in the sequel to the Dark Knight.

And so it was, as we all well know and know. The Joker (Heath Ledger) arrived, but that's another matter when we have to remember ‘The dark knight‘And let's talk about both the legendary characterization of the Australian actor being Joker and the remarkable movie Christopher Nolan pulled out of his sleeve, enlarging his legend and Batman's legacy. However, we will stay at ‘Batman Begins‘And I will now go on to reflect with a personal assessment of what I consider the first film of the new Dark Knight to have been, is and will be for the public.

Batman Begins is the best superhero movie ever.

So clear: 'Batman Begins' is the best superhero movie ever. At least that I have seen to date. Christopher Nolan caught the most difficult character in world literature (much more so than William Shakespeare's Hamlet) and gave it a cinematographic turn to transfer it to the real world. Or at least the closest thing to what our day to day is. Our world. With Batman. Reflection on fear and the construction of myth (As important to mythomaniacs as we are comic readers) Bruce Wayne was a real privilege. Using the concept of fear may seem excessive if you look at it with a certain perspective, but I must emphasize the director's success with this matter. Why Batman is pure fear.

Batman is the most dangerous and selfish character I've ever read. Its constant and permanent justification for war That he waged every night in the darkness of Gotham City is only a double-edged sword: justice and redemption. Guilt and fear plague Bruce Wayne's imagery as much or more than need to have absolutely everything. Distrustful, aggressive and stubborn, the Dark Knight might seem like a champion of justice but he is a beast who has developed a insane mind and obsessed with the idea of ​​death, the one that hit him barely as a child and that filled his life with fear, fear and doubts. All this is put aside when Bruce Wayne puts on the mask of the Bat Man and all this is reflected in ‘Batman Begins‘. Think about it for a moment and answer me: if Batman were not a selfish being and did not want to justify the existence of that beast that exteriorizes every night dressed as a bat, why would he not end all those deranged minds, like The Joker, that force him to Go out every night to clean Gotham from thugs? I do not accept answers that are not elaborated ... | Movies, comics and series