Reveal a new human vehicle from Avatar 2

Avatar 2 is in full swing and we can see how the human protagonists will use new weapons and vehicles in their war against the na’vi.

A very important part of this franchise is the battles between the great blue beings called na’vi who rely on the nature of their planet and the humans who have great weapons technology at their side. In Avatar 2We will see some awesome new vehicles that are sure to bring a lot of action to the story.

Avatar 2 It will increase the bet in visual terms and, although they have not taught much yet, we know that the film will depend largely on underwater sequences. Which means we will probably get amazing alien marine flora and fauna. But what we will also get is a new vehicle as spectacular as the one we leave you below.

Reveal a new human vehicle from Avatar 2 Reveal a new human vehicle from Avatar 2

The Crabsuit: It is a human powered multifunction submersible. One of the many new vehicles that will be seen in Avatar 2. In the two images we can see that it can go through the land and through the water changing the shape. The clearly imitated animal is the crab.

What will the film be about?

For now we have very few details about Avatar 2, but we know that they have created a story that will host up to 4 more installments of the saga. As in the first of 2009 humans lost the war against the na'vi, now they will surely return for revenge. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) has created a family with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) And they will travel to the deepest places on the planet to seek help against new threats.

Unfortunately it will be a while before we can see it on the big screen, since Avatar 2 will not be with us until December 2022. And that is if everything goes according to plan and the COVID-19 pandemic does not wreak havoc on the production.

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