Reveal alternative ending to The Man of Steel (2013)

Screenwriter David S. Goyer reveals an alternate ending to The Man of Steel and why Superman had to kill General Zod.

Attention SPOILERS. David S. Goyer He has been involved in many projects related to superheroes, as he was in charge of the stories of Blade (1998), Batman Begins (2005), The dark knight (2008), The Man of Steel (2013) and many more. Therefore he is considered an expert in adapting comic book characters, which is why he missed the end of the movie so much. Superman starring Henry Cavillbecause it killed the General Zod to avoid killing humans. Something that in the stories of DC Comics has always been avoided.

During an interview David S. Goyerexplained that Superman he was forced to kill Zod to show that he was cornered in a corner that he just couldn't get out of. Explaining that it was a Superman who had just run away, the filmmaker made it clear that the hero had not yet established a set of rules in The Man of Steel, unlike what happens in the comics.

"He is not aware of the extent of his powers," Goyer said. "He is finding someone who said: I am not going to stop. Who also said: You cannot put me in a prison because I will never stop. We wanted to put it in a standstill. As controversial as it was, Zod's death was supposed to mean that Superman would never kill again after the events of The Man of Steel. He was in this awful position and then he promised he could never do it again. He didn't come out of anger, he was forced to, but that was the only time. "

This was the scrapped alternate ending:

Another idea was that Superman did not kill Zod in The Man of Steel. There was one of those cryopods in the ship that ends up becoming the Fortress of Solitude where you can put Zod back in and then throw him into space, "he said. "We talked about it and maybe some people would be happier with it, but he felt like a cop because of the story we were telling."

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