Reveal showdown between Bryan Singer and X-Men actors

X-Men director Bryan Singer was very influential a few years ago but now there are accusations of all kinds that reveal misbehaviors and filming clashes with the actors.

More details are being revealed about the director's strange behavior. Bryan Singer on the set of his movies X Men, including why the actress who played Storm, Halle BerryHe actually said to her, "You can kiss my black butt."

There are a number of sexual abuse allegations against the director Bryan Singer, and there are many gruesome stories behind the scenes. It's no secret that his behavior on set was erratic, and that he allegedly included behaviors like disappearing for a few weeks, being late, mood swings and explosive anger.

For example, the actress Rebecca Romijn who played Mystica she spent hours being painted blue to play her character and not knowing why Bryan Singer decided on a whim that she didn't need. Interestingly, it is also said that the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, was "sent to make sure someone kept Bryan Singer connected to the shoot."

However, things got worse during the production of X-Men 2.

According to some sources, Bryan Singer became disabled after taking a narcotic. When the producer Tom DeSanto tried to stop filming, the filmmaker insisted that it continue. That led to a failed trick in the X-Jet leaving to Hugh jackman bleeding out. When the cast was forced to return to work the next day, they (minus Sir Ian McKellen and Romijn) approached the director in disguise and threatened to resign if DeSanto left.

It was at this point that Halle Berry said to the director, "You can kiss my black butt."

But the story does not end here as there are more damaging allegations about Bryan Singer. Since he allegedly sexually abused or took advantage of young men (in exchange for roles in the X-Men movies, for example). But the producer Lauren Shuler Donner perfectly summed up his behavior as a filmmaker.

"He was very nervous and acted when he was insecure, as many people do. But his way of acting would be to yell and scream at everyone on set. Or leave the set or close production. " Remember. “You must understand that the guy was brilliant, and that's why we all tolerated him and persuaded him. And if he wasn't so screwed up, Bryan Singer would be a great director. ” | Movies, comics and series