Reveal video of Superman in black suit in Justice League

Zack Snyder's version of Justice League will have a scene with Superman (Henry Cavill) wearing the spectacular black suit.

While filming League of Justice, there was much speculation that we would see Henry Cavill how Superman in the black suit, instead of the usual blue and red. But in the theatrical version that ended Joss Whedon we could never see that. Now they have revealed a video of that scene that the superhero of DC Comics share with Alfred (Jeremy Irons).

During the event Justice Con tonight the filmmaker Zack Snyder He shared a clip from his Justice League court with Henry Cavill's Superman dressed in his black superhero costume. It's very short, but undoubtedly great, although this scene is probably familiar to many fans. Since it was the deleted sequence from the movie included on the Blu-ray, and the only change here seems to be the color of Superman's outfit. However, we obviously don't know how much will be altered as of now, or what Warner Bros. decided to remove for that release.

Zack Snyder commented on the suit's color change.

The director revealed that this scene was filmed with Henry Cavill in the red and blue suit because the studio did not want Superman to wear the black version of the suit. However, Zack Snyder did tests at the time of filming to verify if it would be possible to change it in the future. Something you have been able to take advantage of now.

He also confirmed that the film's official title and teaser will be revealed during the DC FanDome event that will take place next month. So clearly there will be much more to come very soon.

Here we leave you the video of Superman in the black suit in Justice League: | Movies, comics and series