Reveal why Hugh Jackman never wore Wolverine's suit

Movie director James Mangold has discussed the reason actor Hugh Jackman never wore Wolverine's mask and costume from the comics.

More than three years after its premiere, Logan It remains one of the most iconic comic book-inspired movies to ever hit the big screen. This story brought an emotional and action packed conclusion to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, while also weaving some important knowledge of Marvel comics in the process. One thing that fans desperately wanted to see was this beloved superhero in the iconic brown and yellow outfit. But it is something that did not happen.

According to the director James Mangold, there was never a plan for Hugh jackman He wore the costume from the comics in the movie Logan, not even behind the camera. As Mangold revealed during the Quarantine Watch Party of Logan, it never happened because he thought Wolverine's characterization "would prevent him from putting on a self-promoting 'uniform'."

"Sorry. He never put it on. We didn't even make a version of the outfit. Everything related to his character, as I understand it, would prevent him from putting on a self-promoted “uniform”. I am sure the next incarnation of Wolverine will go there. "

Marvel will restart the character.

After what Disney will buy FOX, the rights of the mutants returned to Marvel Studios. Now they must decide when to show them again on the cinema screens. What is clear is that they will make different versions of what we have seen so far. That means there's a good chance Wolverine will wear his costume from the comics.

The hard part will be choosing the perfect actor to replace Hugh Jackman. Since he has been the perfect Wolverine for many years and removing that from the collective consciousness of viewers will be very difficult. Although it will be exciting to see what the mutants have in store for us in the near future. | Movies, comics and series