Richard Jewell (2019), by Clint Eastwood – Review

The film is very clear in the exhibition, in the struggle of an innocent, a vocational police, against the action of the police establishment.

I experienced ambivalent sensations at the beginning of the viewing of this movie. I must tell you that I went to the session without knowing anything about Richard Jewell, neither in the subject nor as for the credits of the film. From the outset I saw that the director was Clint Eastwood, and that one of the producers was Leonardo DiCaprio. Therefore, by letting myself be carried away by these sensations, I was indisposed with the way of exposing the subject. However, as the story went by, and even more at the end, I realized that ambivalence lived with a growing interest in the subject, which the film achieves. Here are the details.

The characters who parade in Richard JewellThey seemed treated and exposed as simplistic and flat.

The film tells the true story of a case that affected not only one person, Richard Jewell, but to the police and journalistic estates of Atlanta, the city that hosted the 1996 Olympic Games, in the middle of the Clinton era. Richard Jewell he was, then, died of a heart attack, a modest citizen, whose aspirations were to become a policeman, which he finally achieved. Before becoming one, he served as a security guard, well aware that his role was to defend the good from the bad. The fact is that in that celebration, with many people listening to music and dancing in an outdoor enclosure, Richard finds a backpack that arouses suspicion. From this fact, our protagonist requests the presence of the police. The backpack turned out to be full of explosives, which came to explode strongly. From here, the film tells of the intrusion and misrepresentation by the police officers, and by the media, who support those commanders, in such a way that they suspect that the author of the attack could be Richard himself . From this fact, the film shows how the corporatism of the police forces, with the special complicity of a sensationalist journalist who adds fire to the stake, tries to settle the matter, to put on the medals, holding the guilt of Richard's good . Even with the simplifications of Yankee culture, the film contains interesting values ​​for reflection. And what I say to you can be applied to moviegoers, as well as teachers and students in schools, and as an aid to fathers and mothers, in such a way that they can tell the perversions of this world to their children, because the film is Visible to all audiences.

My initial ambivalence was due to the characters who parade in Richard Jewell They seemed treated and exposed as simplistic and flat. You know: the good guys are very good and the bad guys are very bad. Accepting this starting point, which perhaps defines Yankee culture well, the film is very clear in the exhibition, in the struggle of an innocent, a vocational police, against the action of the police establishment.

If Clint Eastwood has intended something with
this film, I suspect that it is to propose a critique of certain blunders of
corporatized society, whose interests are murky, twisted or
Narcissists, or whatever they want to call it.

Synopsis Richard Jewell was a security guard at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics who discovered a backpack with explosives inside. Jewell became considered the number one suspect.
country U.S
Direction Clint eastwood
Script Marie Brenner, Billy Ray
Music Arturo Sandoval
Photography Yves Bélanger
Distribution Paul Walter Hauser, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates, Wayne Duvall, Dexter Tillis, Desmond Phillips, Nina Arianda, Ian Gomez, Randy Havens, Mike Pniewski, Niko Nicotera
Gender Drama
Duration 131 min.
Original title Richard Jewell
Premiere 01/01/2019

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