Robbie Amell reveals which Marvel character he would like to play

The actor Robbie Amell who played Ronnie Raymond / Firestorm / Deathstorm in The Flash series would be delighted to make the leap to UCM by playing a Marvel character.

Definitely, Robbie Amell he is at the best moment of his career, since he has swept Netflix with his movie Code 8 and his new series Upload has received rave reviews. So consider that it is time to play a Marvel character.

It seems that Robbie Amell is not entirely familiar with the comics, but would still be willing to play any new Marvel characters they are going to add in the upcoming movies.

"I'm sure there are some that I'm not familiar with that I think would be amazing," admitted Robbie Amell. “Whichever is next for Guardians of the Galaxy, it would be great. I really like the idea of ​​Marvel making their version of the X-Men. So someone in the X-Men would be amazing. Participate in the restart of the Fantastic Four. There are so many possibilities that any one of them would be great. ”

Of all the possibilities you've mentioned, perhaps it would be very interesting if you played Johnny Storm / The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four. Taking the witness that both Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan left.

He is currently a highly sought after actor.

After the success of Code 8, they are already rumored that Robbie Amell and his cousin Stephen Amell (Arrow) could make the sequel. He will also be in The Babysitter 2, reprising his role as Max. But he has other quite interesting projects like Eat Wheaties !, Desperados and The Hating Game.

So as he himself said, a new era has already begun for the UCM, so there will be many young actors who can jump to world stardom by playing a Marvel character. Who do you think Robbie Amell should give life to? Leave us your comments below. | Movies, comics and series

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