Robert Downey Jr caused a lot of trouble for Marvel Studios

Nobody imagines the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe without the participation of Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man, but not everything was an easy road.

It must be recognized that Robert Downey Jr he got very involved when it came to playing Tony Stark / Iron Man in Marvel studiosIn fact, he acted as the leader for the rest of the actors who brought the Avengers to life. He also secured significant pay increases for many of his co-stars when they were renegotiating their contracts for Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). He also took on the role of the off-screen mentor of Tom holland just like his character did with Spider-man. But quite interesting new information comes out about what happened off-camera.

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Remember that Robert Downey Jr He had a very dark past, as he had many problems with alcohol and drugs. He was even arrested for his bad behavior. Luckily the actor left all that behind and rose to the top of Hollywood's A list after the success of Hombre de Hierro, but in a recent interview, the filmmaker Gary J. Tunnicliffe He stated that he has not always been the easiest person to work with.

The great image that there is of him, differs quite a lot from reality.

While there are many rumors that the bad behavior of Robert Pattinson is causing problems in the filming of The batman, Gary J. Tunnicliffe revealed that Robert Downey Jr he also had his confrontations during his time as part of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

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“I mean, look, there's a really nice kind of cleanup job with Robert Downey Jr right now, and everyone seems to think the actor is the most adorable fluffy bunny on the planet, but I know stories of Iron Man where Robert Downey Jr, He was not an easy person to work with and can be quite troublesome. But he clearly knows that he is the face of the franchise and that he is treated in a very different way than many other actors and he knows the power that he has, and I think the filmmakers involved clearly know that, so he has to be respected. He is the elephant in the room if you want, he knows where the power is ”.

It may be that the behavior of Robert Downey Jr I wasn't the best while filming Iron Man (2008)But it is clear that he improved over time and became the leader of the team. It may be precisely because those responsible for the films of Marvel studios they did not want to confront him. | Cinema, comics and series

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