Robert Downey Jr has received a great offer from Netflix

Netflix wants actor Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) to star in a great action movie for its streaming platform.

According to reports Netflix wants an eye-catching cast for one of his upcoming projects. That is why they are trying to sign Robert Downey Jr for a lead role in a big-budget action movie they're developing. Although the details of the plot are still unknown, just to have the actor who gave life to Tony Stark / Iron Man at Marvel Cinematic Universe, sure to make the movie a tremendous success.

The actor Robert Downey Jr he has to start choosing his roles well, since after his great sacrifice as Iron Man / Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame, decided to star The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle which is one of the big flops of 2020. So his career could use a great action movie that is sure to be very popular in Netflix.

The fierce struggle of streaming continues.

Until a while ago Netflix He was the absolute king of the streaming service. But today many competitors have entered the market, the most important are HBO Max, Disney + and Amazon Video. That is why they strive to recruit renowned talent and actors. So it's no wonder they offer a good chunk of money to Robert Downey Jr to lead some great film project.

Disney + already has a lot of great programming in the works, with series of Marvel and of Star wars that are about to premiere. Which means that Netflix you will have to work very hard to stay on top. However, assure Robert Downey Jr on a big budget movie will definitely go a long way toward achieving that, as well as potentially attracting even more subscribers to the already popular platform. | Cinema, comics and series