Robert Downey Jr wants to be in a Star Trek movie

After playing Iron Man in a ton of Marvel movies, Robert Downey Jr would like to make the leap into the Star Trek franchise.

In 2008 the Marvel Cinematic Universe started with the movie of Hombre de Hierro. With a great story about the creation of the hero and very good special effects, without a doubt what stood out the most was the performance of Robert Downey Jr like Tony Stark. In fact, many fans comment that without him, the MCU would never have been the same. Now the actor has left the saga after the events of Avengers: Endgame and wants to redirect his career and make a movie of Star trek.

Robert Downey Jr had a big failure with the movie The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle (2020), so you have to start choosing your projects better. The third installment of the franchise of Sherlock Holmes It seems like a safe bet after the first two made more than $ 500 million each at the global box office. But reports also indicate that the actor is actively seeking a role in one of the many Star Trek films currently in various stages of development at Paramount.

The space saga will assault both the cinema and television.

According to the information, which comes from the same sources that said Captain Pike would get a spin-off on television months before it was announced. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the actor Robert Downey Jr and J.J. Abrams They have been friends for a while. That's why he's insisting to the Bad Robot boss that he wants a role in Star trek. It's unclear exactly what role he would like or what movie he wants to be a part of, but they say he would definitely like to get involved with the franchise.

Yes finally Robert Downey Jr tab by Star trek It would be a spectacular boost for the franchise, as the actor continues to have thousands of fans around the world wanting him to make great action and science fiction movies. | Cinema, comics and series

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