Robert Downey Jr wants to work with Christopher Nolan

Actor Robert Downey Jr is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic of today and wants to expand his career by working with Christopher Nolan.

You can not deny that Robert Downey Jr He's an impressive actor at the peak of his career, but there's also a sense that he was becoming too comfortable in his high-paying job as the face of the biggest movie franchise. In his performances outside the UCM you keep seeing Tony StarkEither disguised as Sherlock Holmes or talking to the animals. So you need a new boost and work with Christopher Nolan it would be shocking.

The information comes from the same sources that claimed last month that Ben Affleck would return in The Flash. The star of Iron Man and The Avengers, Robert Downey Jr, is trying to get a meeting with Christopher Nolan to discuss the idea of ​​a future collaboration once the director of Tenet decide what your next project will be.

The problem is that he has a hard time making movies.

With Tenet still waiting for its release, it might be a while before Christopher Nolan decide your next move and up to 3 years until a movie comes out. Although it has been speculated that Warner Bros. wants me to come back for a spin-off of Origin or a sequel to Interstellar. Whether as a director, screenwriter or producer.

We cannot confirm if it is one of those projects in which Robert Downey Jr is attentive, but Christopher Nolan has his trusted actors, although he can always add a new star to the cast. Robert Downey Jr's career would greatly benefit from working with him. Since he is one of the most respected talents and thus he could try to show that there is life after the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tenet will open in some countries on August 26 and in others in September, but it will be the first major film to hit theaters since the Coronavirus ran out of control around the world. | Cinema, comics and series

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