Robert Pattinson auditioned for Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Director Edgar Wright recalled when Robert Pattinson, the future Batman, had auditioned for the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Fighting Ramona Flowers' ex-boyfriends is not an easy task, especially if we consider that one of the histrions came from playing the Man of Steel (Brandon Routh) and another was about to debut as Captain America (Chris Evans). Even the future Batman, Robert Pattinson, did casting to be an antagonist of Scott Pilgrim vs the World, as recently revealed by the director Edgar wright.

In conversation with Vanity Fair, Wright, and the casting directors, Jennifer Euston, Allison jones and Robin D. Cook They talked about what it was like to put together the impeccable cast of Scott Pilgrim, a cult film that just this week marked ten years since its commercial premiere.

One of the topics addressed was about those actors and actresses who wanted to be part of the film, but were not finally chosen. One of them was Robert Pattinson, who auditioned for the role of Lucas lee, the arrogant film star rival to Scott Pilgrim - and Ramona's ex - who was eventually played by Chris Evans.

A different role

"I remember it vividly," Edgar Wright commented of Robert Pattinson's audition. “He also did a much more intense reading. Obviously Robert is an amazing actor and someone I would love to work with right now. But it was a very different performance than Chris did. "

It is worth mentioning that the audition in question, according to reports, took place before Twilight (2008) hit theaters and catapulted Robert Pattinson to fame. “I remember (back then) we asked him about Twilight and he just said 'Yeah, I don't know. I just saw it. Okay I guess. I don't know, '”Allison Jones told Vanity Fair. "He was really good with the American accent."

12 years after that audition, the actor is currently one of the favorite performers in Hollywood and the independent world. In a few months we will see him in the long-awaited Tenet and in the thriller The Devil at All Hours, which recently presented its first trailer. | Cinema, comics and series

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