Robert Pattinson's Batman is a symbol of pain

We are used to the Dark Knight being a symbol of fear and justice, but Robert Pattinson's Batman will be different.

Since they raised the new trilogy of the great hero of DC Comics, they have wanted to differentiate it from the other Dark Knights that we have seen in the cinema. So we will see a more detective version and also the Robert Pattinson's Batman it will express all the pain that it carries within.

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Matt reeves has commented on details about the version of the Robert Pattinson's Batman who will be in his next indie movie, confirming that it will be the second year of Bruce wayne as protector of Gotham. But he's still finding his place, not just in Gotham City but on the scale of values ​​that differentiates a hero from a vigilante.

The ideas of the director is that his past mark his actions.

Matt reeves wants him Robert Pattinson's Batman has noir influences and although its origin will not be shown, it will overshadow the events of the film. Because the movie will establish a hero shaped by trauma, whose wounds are much closer to the surface than any other Batman movie before. This is a Dark Knight who literally bears a reminder of his greatest trauma stamped on his chest, which is why his phrase is "I am revenge", instead of "I am Batman".

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Choosing to use the same gun that killed his parents as his "symbol" (or logo) instead of the usual bat, indicates that the trauma that haunts him Robert Pattinson's Batman will be much sharper than other Batmans like those of Christian bale or Ben affleck.

So he still hasn't figured out how to approach his pain, which is why he is more violent and could fall into the trap of The riddle. All of this suggests that Robert Pattinson's Batman You'll have to go a little deeper into the dark during the events of the movie, so that you can finally step out to the next stage of your grieving process. So only at the end of the story can he begin to look like the Batman we all know. | Cinema, comics and series