Robert Pattinson's form state in the Batman worries a lot

For a few days it has been reported that in the filming of The Batman there is a great tension between actor Robert Pattinson and director Matt Reeves.

The worst news came recently when Warner Bros. decided to change the release date of The batman from 2021 to 2022. Even so, it seems that the filming is still on the right track despite the fact that there is a great conflict between Robert Pattinson and the director Matt reeves. The main problem is the attitude of the star and his bad form.

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What at first seemed an exaggeration or that there were people wanting to destabilize the film of DC Comics, is now becoming news that more and more people are confirming. Director Gary J. Tunnicliffe, known from the movie Hellraiser: Judgment, In addition to doing the makeup effects for countless horror stories over the years, he was very clear on this matter:

“I heard from someone else that the rumor was that Matt Reeves was visibly surprised by the size of Robert Pattinson and was concerned that the stuntmen are considerably larger than him. So obviously I looked into it and the other rumors I had seen circulating were that there had been a problem about exercise and bulking. "

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The pandemic has made the actor very bad.

Robert Pattinson You have a fairly lean build and to gain muscle you need to exercise plenty and then keep your training up to date. But it seems that while The batman She was standing, she decided to do nothing, something she expressed several times on social media. This has provoked the ire of the director Matt reevesas there is a big difference between stuntmen and star. Something that on the screen can be quite bad and when mounting it can cause quite a few problems.

The conflict is so high, that it has even been speculated that they stopped production 2 weeks of The batman for what Robert Pattinson get in shape, although they said it was because he tested positive for Coronavirus. There are also some who go further and comment that the relationship between the actor and the director is so bad that what was going to be a trilogy will become a single film.

In any case, The batman continues to shoot in the UK, as evidenced by all the photos that are leaking on set, so we can only hope they finish the film in the best way and that it is a success for them to make 2 more installments.

The Batman will be released on March 4, 2022. | Cinema, comics and series

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