Ryan Reynolds assures that the MCU suffers from a serious "lack of Deadpool"

According to Ryan Reynolds, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is missing a large dose of Deadpool. Will we have news of a third installment soon?

Ryan Reynolds gifted us in 2016 with a magnificent interpretation of Deadpool. After some very successful installments, the dreams of the actor and the studio were interrupted by the hand of the mouse; the company bought Fox for more than $ 71 billion and things will definitely be very different now. Slowly but surely, the studio moves towards the introduction of the character in the MCU, but the actor believes that the franchise continues to suffer from a serious lack of Deadpool.

During a new meeting with Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Reynolds stated: "I agree with Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola that Marvel movies suffer from an alarming lack of Deadpool." Of course, mentioning the pair of directors is one of their typical jokes; Let's remember what Scorsese said to Empire last year and that was controversial on social networks: “I don't see them (the Marvel Studios movies). I tried, you know But that is not cinema. Honestly, the closest I can think of to them, with how well done they are, and with actors doing their best, is in theme parks ”. Martin's words went around the world and Ryan took them as a form of derision.

It is true, the MCU has already suffered enough with the absence of Deadpool but things are about to change. At Fox, Deadpool is cynical, hilarious and not afraid to speak to the public, characteristics that are not at all common among Marvel Studios characters and that will probably have to change. At this point, one wonders how the executives of Marvel Studios will develop Wade Wilson and if he will live up to (or exceed) the version presented by the previous study. The people of Disney have a great challenge ahead of them and Ryan Reynolds is eager to get back in the shoes of Deadpool. Meanwhile, some rumors link the actor to Star Wars.

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