Ryan Reynolds believes Deadpool should arrive uncensored at Disney +

Ryan Reynolds believes that Deadpool should be presented as it was conceived on the Disney + platform.

If anything has characterized the Disney + platform since its launch, it is its strict policy of content adapted to all ages. In the framework of this assertion, many audiovisuals have been censored in one way or another to avoid an unfriendly classification for young audiences. However, there will always be content such as Deadpool which can hardly be adapted to a children's audience, so the actor Ryan Reynolds He believes they should get to Disney + without any censorship.

Ryan Reynolds He made his position known through a post made by the actor on Instagram Hugh jackman to commemorate the arrival of X-Men Days of the Future Past to the Disney + catalog. The actor celebrated that it was the first movie to premiere on the platform without any censorship and Reynolds published a comment where he referred to the saga he stars in. "I'm excited for them to do the same with Deadpool," wrote the actor. "It is time for the children to know."

Will we see it for what it is?

Both the mutant film and the scarlet notch are part of Disney's acquisition of Fox. For this reason, neither was intended for children's audiences, however, the exploitation rights now belong to the house of the mouse. X-Men Days of the Future Past It has certain scenes with violent content, sequences where it is done tobacco use and especially a partial nude actor Hugh Jackman who plays Wolverine. Neither of these sequences was removed upon arrival at Disney +.

Although Ryan Reynolds believes that Deadpool should reach the platform as it was conceived, that is something that nobody knows yet. Neither installment of the masked character has made it to Disney +, and no tentative date has been released. Meanwhile, the actor uses his time to talk about the tribute Deadpool 2 paid to Indiana Jones.

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