Ryan Reynolds continues to fight Disney over Deadpool

The creative process for the new Deadpool movie is creating a very big showdown between Ryan Reynolds and Disney.

It must be recognized that Ryan reynolds knows perfectly how to handle the character of Deadpool, since his first films with the film studio FOX, raised more than 1.516 million dollars worldwide between the two. Therefore, he believes that they should leave him creative control to do whatever he wants with Deadpool 3. It seems that Marvel studios you quite agree with this, but it is Disney who is censoring many of his ideas.

If we review the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, has always stood out for its coherence and because each premiere anticipates things that will happen later. But Deadpool he is a different character, as he can break "the fourth wall" and speak directly to the audience. In addition, it is not governed by the same rules as the rest and that Ryan reynolds he knows it perfectly, therefore he has ideas that go against the natural tendency of the saga. So it will be interesting when they add it to the stories of Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the rest of Earth's heroes.

What ideas are you rejecting?

According to reports, Ryan reynolds wants to review all the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe on Deadpool 3 and laugh at all the worst moments. Something that Disney does not want to happen, they are also determined to make it a PG-13 movie and so viewers of all ages attend, while Ryan reynolds you want it to be R Rated and adult only, like the previous two movies.

So from now on the fight between Ryan reynolds Y Disney, the problem is that it seems that the confrontation is going to more. Since the actor is increasingly raising more radical and extravagant ideas, which causes the film studio to censor more and more things. In the middle is Marvel studios who tries to put peace between the different positions, but it seems that they do not get things to move forward.

Luckily there is still time as they wanted to start rolling Deadpool 3 in 2022 to release it in 2023. So they have one year left to reach an agreement between all, from which the viewers will surely benefit.

While we wait for the release date of the new film of the "big mouth mercenary" to be made official, you can see all the installments of Marvel studios on the Disney + streaming platform.

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