Ryan Reynolds could make Disney's live-action version of Tarzan

Actor Ryan Reynolds is in the prime of his career and has many projects underway, one of them could be Tarzan.

Disney has shown that it gets a lot out of new live action versions of its animation classics. That is why they are planning to do the same with Tarzan. Not only that, but the same sources that guessed that they would make a sequel to Aladdin and that they will premiere a series of She-Hulk in Disney +, now they assure that Ryan reynolds could be the protagonist of the movie.

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The truth is that it is not the first time that the actor is related Ryan reynolds with this project, since last year there were many rumors about it. In addition, Disney executives are serious about finding the star of Hollywood perfect for playing the iconic man of the jungle.

The original version was a success.

As fans will know, the original 1999 feature film impressed critics and audiences alike, grossing $ 448.2 million at the box office and winning a Grammy and an Oscar for its stellar Phil Collins soundtrack. It makes sense that Disney wants to revisit history, although hopefully this one will fare better than the unfortunate one. The legend of Tarzan (2016) by Warner Bros., which barely managed to break even. So that Ryan reynolds will have to do better than Alexander Skarsgård.

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Another actor who could play the character and compete with Ryan reynolds is Chris pratt. Which is clear that either of the two mentioned stars would be a good choice, given their excellent record in action films and their flair for comedy.

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