Ryan Reynolds jokes about what Deadpool 3 is taking

Actor Ryan Reynolds is most interested in making the movie Deadpool 3 and making the leap into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it seems that the project is not moving forward.

At FOX they were eager to do Deadpool 3, since the two previous installments were a tremendous critical and box office success. But since Disney took over the rights to the character, things have slowed down a lot. Marvel studios have to figure out how to fit in Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) in their ever-growing shared universe, which unfortunately means fans must be patient. But is this the real reason why Deadpool 3 is it taking so long? Perhaps this is just what they want us to think.

Own Ryan Reynolds, went to social networks to "reveal" the real reason why he has not yet made another Marvel movie. The star shared a hilarious parody of the opening of The unsolved mysteries from Netflix, but includes clips from the first Deadpool, to celebrate the five years of the day since the movie's test footage was leaked online.

"That's why the next Deadpool 3 movie is taking so long," Ryan Reynolds joked on Twitter. "I'm still trying to figure this out."

The character could debut in another Marvel movie first and then make the third installment.

Ryan Reynolds He has previously said that he does not know what is happening with the Deadpool 3 delay. However, the latest rumors suggest that Marvel Studios is considering using the new movie to retell the story of Wade Wilson's origins. The film could also be used to reset the X Men as a whole. Although it seems that in Phase 4 we will not get to see him and it will take a few years to make his return official.

Hopefully it's worth the wait and Deadpool 3 lives up to the previous two Ryan Reynolds movies.

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