Ryan Reynolds should make Green Lantern before Deadpool 3

Rob Liefeld says Ryan Reynolds would have to star in another Green Lantern movie before playing Wade Wilson in Deadpool 3 again.

After Wade Wilson's disappointing version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine from 2009, the actor Ryan Reynolds He tried to move to DC Comics playing Hal Jordan in the 2011 Green Lantern movie. But the result was even worse and neither critics nor viewers liked it. Despite this, Rob Liefeld (creator of Deadpool in the comics) wants me to replay the character and also have priority over Deadpool 3.

Over the years, Ryan Reynolds has used his Green Lantern movie as the butt of his jokes. He even sneaked one or two into his Deadpool movies. Most recently, he and Taika Waititi, who was also in the film as Thomas Kalmaku, scoffed at their shared experience, pretending that they don't remember the project at all while promoting their upcoming movie, Free Guy. In any case, Rob Liefeld is raising the idea that Reynolds might revisit the role soon.

"Do you know what I would love? I would love for Ryan Reynolds to be Green Lantern again. More than Deadpool 3 does for Marvel Studios. I would love to see it".

Look, Deadpool 1 and 2 are like two halves of a perfect whole ... You can see them as video game characters, toys and Heroclix and all that. But when actors like Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz are Domino and Cable with Ryan. It's amazing (see your creations on the screen). But also, I feel like it was a moment in time. After all this fight, Ryan Reynolds had his vision. "

The writer blamed Kevin Feige and his team for allegedly failing to prioritize the third installment of the "bigmouth mercenary."

To date, we know that several meetings have occurred, between Ryan Reynolds and Marvel Studios, but at no time has a date been set for Deadpool 3. Meanwhile, in Warner Bros and DC Comics there are plans to show Green Lantern again in the cinema. . But it doesn't seem like Ryan Reynolds is on the list of actors who want him to play him again. It would really be an amazing thing. But if he had his second chance with Deadpool… why couldn't the same happen with Green Lantern?

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