Ryan Reynolds wants full control over Deadpool at Marvel Studios

They will soon be introducing Deadpool to the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, but actor Ryan Reynolds wants them to do all of their ideas.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe it is a highly collaborative work environment. But Kevin Feige It has always been the main creative force and the actors, although they make the characters their own and contribute some ideas, are not particularly involved in the development of the great plot in which all the films revolve. In fact, Paul rudd is the only one to have been awarded a writing credit in the franchise to date, and even then he was only one of four screenwriters for Ant-Man and one of five in the sequel. But Ryan reynolds with Deadpool wants to change that.

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Remember that it was your own Ryan reynolds who fought the most for the first film to be made in 2015. He also produced and starred in the two installments of Deadpool which were a box office success, especially considering they had an R calcification.

Now you want the same creative control.

According to the latest information, from the sources who were right that they would make a sequel to The Lion King, now they assure that Ryan reynolds is pushing for power similar to the first two installments of Deadpool. Although this clashes a lot with the ways of working of Marvel studios. Already the studio's writers room has brought the likes of Eric Pearson, Erik Sommers, Joe Robert Cole, Craig Kyle, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, and Nicole Perlman, contributing to multiple projects on UCM. While Deadpool's regular writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick claimed last year that they were still waiting for Kevin Feige I will call you to start working on the story.

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Time will tell if Ryan reynolds get a level of control over Deadpool similar to the one he had on FOX, but for now he will have to team up with all the Marvel studios, something you are not used to.

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