Samuel L Jackson is only the third actor who says the most dirty words in his movies

Contrary to popular belief, Samuel L Jackson is not the worst-spoken actor in film history. But ... who surpasses him?

It turns out that Samuel L Jackson He is not the actor who gives the most curse words in Hollywood. According to a Buzz Bingo study, Jonah Hill It is the worst spoken of all. To get this report, they did research on more than 3,500 scripts. It turns out that the movie The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) Martin Scorsese's the one with the dirtiest language, not surprisingly, Hill's role as Donnie Azoff will help catapult him to the top of the name-calling and oath list.

The actor Samuel L Jackson He may be remembered for his use of profanity, but according to statistics, the star is in third place. Leonardo Dicaprio ranks second, also thanks to its role in The wolf of Wall Street, along with other movies rated R as Django Unchained (2012). Both actors starred in that Tarantino movie together, however it was DiCaprio's Calvin Candie who got the most blasphemies.

Jonah Hill might be a surprising winner, but he has spoken bad words in movies like Superbad (2007) and The sausage party (2016). In fact, Hill is way ahead of the competition and has reportedly sworn 376 times compared to 361 by Leonardo DiCaprio and 301 by Samuel L Jackson. Looking at the numbers of how many times an actor swears per 1,000 words, Hill comes back in first place with an average of 22.9. While Samuel L Jackson It ranks eighth and reportedly says 6.9 swearwords per 1,000.

This is the Top 10:

Ultimately first goes Jonah Hill, after Leonardo Dicaprio and third Samuel L Jackson on the worst-talked-about list among Hollywood's big stars. While Adam Sandler is in fourth place, Al Pacino is in fifth place, Denzel Washington sixth, Billy Bob Thornton seventh, Seth Rogen is eighth, Bradley Cooper he is ninth and Danny McBride Complete the Top 10.

Despite some of Samuel L Jackson's most iconic scenes involving rude words, it seems like the familiar worlds of Marvel and Star Wars have forced him to worry about his dialogues more than Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio. | Movies, comics and series