Scarface, by Luca Guadagnino, will be "shocking"

Scarface, de Luca Guadagnino, será "shockeante"

Although not everyone is happy, it is already confirmed that Scarface will have a reboot. And according to the new information, it promises to be “shocking.”

Luca Guadagnino continues to prepare his next project and is very committed, as he is sure he wants it to be great. To such an extent that the director is willing to do it with all possible resources to ensure that the Scarface remake earns an R rating.

This was hinted during an interview with the Bad Taste media (via Collider), which he offered as part of his attendance at the Venice International Film Festival. In the talk, he mentioned that in order to be fully involved in the production, the Scarface film has to meet certain conditions: “The important things are… A. It has to be well done, the script has to be great. B. Our Tony Montana has to be current, I don't want to imitate anything. C. This movie has to be shocking. “

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In search of an R rating

The director is very clear that, although he wants to take as a basis what Howard Hawkes did in 1932, he wants his work on Scarface to be distinguished and have his stamp. Also, took the opportunity to criticize in a veiled way what Brian De Palma did with his interpretation of the story in 1983.

“The truth is that I am interested in the character of Tony Montana. It is a reflection of the American dream. And I think these films are made according to their time. My version of Scarface will arrive 40 years after the previous one. I think the important thing about these films is not that they are luxurious and basic like Brian de Palma's. The important thing is to know that Tony Montana is an archetypal character ”, he commented.

One thing is for sure: for your remake of Scarface to achieve the desired rating, it must be excessively violent, like the original from the 30s, which Guadagnino wants to replicate to some extent: “I remember when the Hawks movie was released , was accompanied by a caption that read: 'Producers do not encourage criminal behavior'. That movie was sensational, very popular. Probably more than Brian De Palma's, proportionally speaking. (…) De Palma's film was rated R, so I want a big R in my film too”. | Cinema, comics and series