Scarlett Johansson wants Black Widow to hit theaters

Actress Scarlett Johansson says she wants Black Widow to hit theaters but it will have to be safe.

Like many other titles, the premiere of Black widow it has been delayed until next year. At this stage of the pandemic, it is easy to imagine how affected the Cinema studios. Few companies want to take risks and release their great titles this year. For this reason, in recent months we have witnessed constant delays. And although everything indicates that next year everything promised will be released, others are not so sure. One of the major studios most affected has been Disney, which has had to figure out how to release something this year.

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Disney took a chance with Mulan. Instead of delaying the movie again, he decided premiere it directly on your streaming platform. Not if before charging an extra 20 euros to Disney + users. The company will once again risk this Christmas with Soul, which will also arrive on the platform but without an extra payment. But everything indicates that Disney does not want to risk again with Black Widow.

Now the actress Scarlett Johansson confirms in an interview with Marie Claire that the team of Black widow is eager to release the movie. The actress and producer wants the film to hit theaters but safe way. “I've been talking to Kevin Feige about the film and to our producers to try to understand the landscape that we are in. We are all looking forward to the movie being released. But most important of all, we all want the experience to be safe. We want people to really trust that they can sit in a movie theater. "

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The cast is looking forward to the movie being released and made in theaters. But they also understand the global situation. In the same interview, the actress Florence pugh He commented on his disappointment after the first delay of the Black widow. “I thought it was going to be more fun in the summer. Everyone out as a family and finally have time to relax. I'm sad that people can't see her for another half a year. But I'm not so sad because it is important to take care of people now ”. Recently, the actor David harbor He also spoke about the delay but in a more animated way.

The premiere of Black Widow has created two sides at Disney. Some investors believe that the film should follow in the footsteps of Mulan and premiere directly on Disney + with premiere access. Disney confirmed that the premiere of Mulan through the platform had been a success and that they had achieved a good collection. But everything indicates that they would not be completely satisfied. For this reason, others continue to bet on relationship with movie theaters and the benefit that is obtained from them.

Black widow it was going to be released at the beginning of May of this year. With the onset of the pandemic, the premiere moved November 6th but this date cannot be met either. For the moment, Black Widow maintains its premiere in theaters and will arrive on May 7, 2021, one year after its original date. | Cinema, comics and series