Scientists say we could be living in the Matrix

If we were really living in a Matrix-style simulation, it is clear that the year 2020 would have been hacked. Let's see what science thinks.

The movie of Matrix released in 1999 presented a very interesting premise, as humans built increasingly advanced machines with Artificial Intelligence, something that Science fiction he has always warned us that it is a mistake. These machines rebel and there is a war where people lose. A few resist, while the rest are used as human batteries. But in order to use that energy, people must think that they are leading their normal lives. So the machines built the Matrix simulating the late 20th and early 21st centuries, which they considered to be the pinnacle of civilization. From there, a hero appears, a virus and everything culminates with a truce and they release the pile-humans.

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But ... What if what the Matrix tells were real? At least living in a virtual simulation. Some scientists have theorized why this could be so, and it turns out that the chances that we are virtual beings is 50%. The argument is that if computing power continues to increase at the rate it has done for the past 50 years, sufficiently advanced future civilizations will be able to run infinitely complex simulations that could span an entire universe, in which we can live. The purpose of these could be evolutionary or social research, or just for fun.

A new analysis from Scientific American establishes the possibility that this is from 50.222222% for reality to 49.777778% for simulation.

From here everything becomes more complicated and moves further away from the concept of the Matrix. The next stage of the analysis required thinking about “even” realities, those that can generate other realities, and “nulliparous” realities, those that cannot simulate the realities of offspring. If the physical hypothesis were true, then the probability that we would live in a nulliparous universe would be easy to calculate: it would be 100 percent. It was then shown that even in the simulation hypothesis, most of the simulated realities would be nulliparous. This is because as simulations generate more simulations. So the computing resources available to each subsequent generation diminish to the point where the vast majority of realities will be those that do not have the computing power necessary to simulate descendant realities that are capable of harboring sentient beings.

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If we live in a simulation, what does that mean to us? Good, Neil deGrasse Tyson He discussed the theory on a recent episode of the StarTalk podcast, saying that not being able to travel faster than the speed of light may be a hard-coded limit set by the Matrix-style simulation to prevent us from breaking the rules.

While science clears up whether we are real or a simulation, we can only look forward to their release Matrix 4 December 22, 2021. Date that could change due to the Coronavirus. | Cinema, comics and series

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