Seth Rogen explains why Marvel causes trouble in comedies

Not only the action genre has been influenced by Marvel movies, since according to Seth Rogen, comedies are also affected.

Some time ago, the director of action and destruction movies Roland emmerich complained that you couldn't compete against Marvel. Also Martin Scorsese also attacked the UCM. Is now Seth rogen who explains the problems with the genre of comedy at this time. Because the overall comic tone of Marvel's blockbusters has set a standard that most studios and production houses cannot meet on modest budgets.

"One thing Chris Evan and I talk about a lot is that Marvel movies are comedies," says Seth Rogen. Thor: Ragnarok is a comedy. Ant-Man is a comedy at its core. So that's what it is. There are 200 million dollar comedies, and that is something that, as a comedy filmmaker, you should be aware of. Now it is the point of reference that people expect ”.

Seth rogen He says that's what he and his longtime collaborator Goldberg try to keep in mind as they develop their wide variety of movies and television shows. “These big-budget movies work like comedies. Audiences still love comedy, and they want that, Deadpool, and his reach is huge. So when you're not offering them that reach, you have to think, 'What am I offering them?' That's why something like Good Boys works well, because we don't offer reach. What we offer is pure comedy, emotion, sympathy and nostalgia. That is the compensation ”.

For now it is not the end of the classic comedy movies.

Since the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are not strictly comedies in and of themselves, they also possess great action scenes. Seth Rogen doesn't think midsize comedy is dead. At least, as it is now, not yet. "The funny thing is, I've been told for the last 10 years that medium comedies are dying," he says. "However, throughout that time, fortunately we have been able to release enough medium comedies that have worked well and continue to allow us to do them."

“Movies like Sausage Party and Blockers have managed to do very well, even though they're exactly the kind of thing people say doesn't work that well. But then once in a while, we'll have Neighbors who do it very, very, very well. It allows us to continue doing comedy ”. Seth Rogen concludes. | Cinema, comics and series