Shang-Chi: Videos of sets built in Australia revealed

Marvel Studios is already preparing to re-shoot. The scenarios they are building for Shang-Chi include an entire village and green screens.

Marvel Studios went through a bad streak due to the coronavirus being one of the studios that has delayed the most productions. The same happened with the filming of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Shang-Chi. However, it seems that after such a long time the studio is already preparing to start working.

Like all entertainment industry projects, the filming of Shang-Chi It has been suspended since March. This also led to Marvel Studios moving the film from February 2021 to May 2021, and to meet this date they must surely resume filming as soon as possible, that entails building the sets in which the tape will take place and this morning, 7News Sydney shared a video of the set, revealing one that is currently under construction.

Let's do it

These videos offer fans a taste of what Marvel Studios is preparing for Shang-Chi. In one of them you can see a helicopter and a gigantic blue screen, which we can assume is for the gleaming special effects that characterize these productions.

At the moment, Marvel Studios has not made any official statement of when they will return to filming officially. But already since last month, a rumor sprang up that the studio already wanted to start recording. From what we could see, the construction of the stages is barely being carried out, which would indicate that soon the actors will get going. Given this, there remains the question of which scenes can be shot, what will be the sanitary measures they will take and how they will manage to carry them out.

Shang-Chi and the stars of Legends of the Ten Rings It stars Simu Liu, Awkwafina, Tony Leung, and Ronny Chieng; directed by Destin Daniel Cretton from a script written by David Callaham. | Movies, comics and series