Shang-Chi's "dark tone" was one of Marvel's concerns

Now in theaters, Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings are still making headlines. This time by its producer, who referred to the dark tone that the film presents.

Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings It has already reached theaters throughout the world. However, it is not a secret that there were many concerns internally in the production while the film was being developed. While the protagonist, Simu liu, stated that he felt the film was an "underdog" (undervalued candidate), Kevin Feige he always defended the priority and importance that it meant to them.

However, there were also other issues that were weighed in ‘The House of Ideas’ as launch approached. The release date, whether it was postponed or not, and its parallels with Disney + was also debated. Still, it seems that everything came to an end and the solution arrived without incident. Now, while we prepare the review of the film, we leave you with the producer's statements Jontahan Schwartz. The official referred to the "dark tone" of the title. These were the words of the same:

“I think putting them in the mental space of the young Shang-chi... I guess that's part of what you're talking about when you talk about the dark. It was exciting. It felt exciting. It felt visceral. I felt like we were really getting to something great. So in general, if there is a moment or an idea or a feeling that scares us, we feel a risk, we all think, 'Oh, we will know that we always will, we will and we will. . And then if you feel like you've gone too far, you can always go back. But I think we have learned to trust those feelings to avoid preventing ourselves, "he said.

While making the first impressions of this publishing house on the delivery, it is assumed that many of the elements presented in it will be of vital importance for the future of the UCM. To find out, you can go to a movie theater and find out.

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