Shazam 2: David F. Sandberg Releases Fake Trailer With Real Reviews

Although Shazam 2 has not yet been shot, several users began to post reviews on the internet. Following this, David F. Sandberg created a fake trailer with the criticisms of said people.

Shazam 2 has not started filming yet but it already has user reviews on Letterboxd. Faced with such a display of enthusiasm for the sequel to this film starring Zachary Levi, its director, David F. Sandberg, wanted to do a bit of humor and launch a promotional video including these bad comments that help with the marketing campaign.

“We haven't shot Shazam 2 yet, but there are already reviews on Letterboxd. I'm pretty sure that means we can start using quotes from these reviews for marketing, "said Sandberg in a tweet in which you can see a montage with opinions about a film that still does not exist. Although this trailer is a lie, Shazam! 2 is on the way, even though it hasn't even started production. And it is that initially its premiere was scheduled for April 1, 2022, then Warner Bros. and DC Comics decided to delay this sequel until November 4, 2022, seven months of much-needed margin due to the chaos caused by the pandemic of coronavirus.

Long before that we will have the virtual event DC FanDome, an appointment that will bring us new details about Shazam 2 from the hand of Levi and other members of the team that have not been confirmed. Next Saturday August 22 is the designated day for the followers of these and many other comic characters. In this event, many details about the new films linked to the DC characters will be announced. Here we tell you a little about what will be seen at the event and what can be expected from it. Are they anxious? Because we do! | Cinema, comics and series