Shazam !: Screenwriter Revealed Deleted Scenes

With the intention of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, the writer of Shazam! He used his social media to share some deleted scenes with fans of the movie.

After what happened in the United States, more and more figures from the audiovisual industry are joining the Black Lives Matter movement. Within this wave of activism that we can constantly see on social networks, we can now also find Henry Gayden, screenwriter of Shazam !, who revealed some of the scenes removed from the film in support of the events that occurred.

The writer has found a rather attractive way to support the cause, as he has revealed (via Comicbook) than, for a week, you will post to your Twitter excerpts from his script that eventually could not be recorded (either due to lack of budget or time). All the images will be accompanied by leagues through which Internet users can make donations to different associations such as the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) or the Black Voters Matter Fund.

Original support

The mini-campaign is named A Feat of Strenght for a Feat of Strenght (which translates as “One feat of strength for another feat of strength”), and aims to motivate people outside the protests to be part of the actions that are being carried out for the good of African American descendants. This is what the creative says about his idea:

"For 7 days, I will post Shazam feats that were never filmed and ask them to donate - any amount help! - to the real heroes out there making a real change today." The revealed pages correspond to scenes where the hilarious superhero is testing his newly acquired powers. along with his friend Freddie. These were the publications: | Movies, comics and series